Posted on Tue 09 May 2017 in software

Bob is a signal-processing and machine learning toolbox originally developed by the Biometrics Group at the Idiap Research Institute, in Switzerland.

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Talk at Valais/Wallis AI Workshop - Reproducibility in research

Posted on Fri 24 March 2017 in videos

My talk at the Valais/Wallis AI workshop on reproducible research

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Fundamentals of Statistical Pattern Recognition

Posted on Thu 23 February 2017 in courses

This course (EE-612) presents fundamental tools used in statistical pattern recognition ranging from the most basic to more advanced. It is given to post-grad (Ph.D.) students at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland.

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Interview for Télévision Suisse-Romande (TSR), 12h45

Posted on Tue 22 November 2016 in videos

I was interviewed for a document in the Swiss's RTS 12h45 news

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The BEAT Platform

Posted on Wed 16 March 2016 in software

The BEAT platform is a European computing e-infrastructure for Open Science proposing a solution for open access, scientific information sharing and re-use including data and source code while protecting privacy and confidentiality

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Overview of the BEAT Platform

Posted on Wed 16 March 2016 in videos

Introductory video to the BEAT Platform for Open Science and Reproducible Research

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Reproducible Research for Pattern Recognition

Posted on Wed 22 July 2015 in courses

This is a course on Reproducible Research (RR) for research engineers working with software applications in Pattern Recognition (PR) and Machine Learning (ML). It motivates and explains con- cepts behind RR, an increasing trend in scientific publications in this niche, its implications and tools for implementing it on an individual or group levels. It is a hands-on course in the sense students will be required to create their own workflows for selected problems in ML and PR. By the end of this course, students should understand the basic concepts of reproducibility, its importance on their daily practice and how to achieve it with freely available tools and environments.

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Interview for Jornal Nacional

Posted on Wed 10 September 2008 in videos

I was interviewed for a document in Jornal Nacional, one of the most viewed brazilian 20h00 news program.

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