About me

André at Idiap

Taken at the Idiap Research Institute, August 19th., 2010. At the photo we also find Sébastien Marcel (our group leader, standing) and Laurent El-Shafey (on the computer).

My name is André (Rabello dos) Anjos. I presently work at the Idiap Research Institute located in the nice town of Martigny, Wallis, Switzerland. Here, I conduct Reproducible Research in Biometrics (with applications to Face and Vein Recognition and Presentation Attack Detection). My other research interests are Machine Learning, Pattern Classification, Face Recognition, Security and Computing. Previously, I used to work for the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA at CERN, Switzerland, as a Software Engineer for at the ATLAS experiment. During that time, I was one of the responsibles for the development and maintenance the experiment's Trigger and Data-Acquisition system.

André at ATLAS inauguration

This photo was taken during the start-up of LHC activities at the ATLAS Control Room, September 10th., 2008.

I started studying electronics and computers in 1994, when I joined the Electronics Engineering School of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. I finished my basic electronic engineering studies in 1999, my masters degree in 2001, finally getting a Ph.D. in Signal Processing in 2006. During this time I have been affiliated to the Signal Processing Laboratory. I have studied different subjects during all these years ranging from digital filters to pattern recognition. Most of my research time during school years was dedicated to Artificial Neural Networks. I keep a record of all my publications in this website.

André with the Brazilian Science Minister

This photo was taken during the official visit of the brazilian Ambassador Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, H.E. Mr. Ronaldo Mota Sardenberg, at CERN, July 23rd., 2002.

Programming for me debutted in 1994, when I joined the university. I really love programming and spend large parts of my work time and a smaller fraction of my free time doing this. I enjoy simplicity and powerful designs. It is difficult to make something simple. It is far easier to design a complicated unmaintainable solution.

You can access my CV here. If you are interested in code, you can check-out my contributions on github or gitlab. Publications are available on my publications link. Specifically, if you wonder how this website is hacked together, you should take a look at that link.